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TSC has developed THE concept design for the new stadium of Cagliari Calcio

As part of the alliance with Serie B and their B futura project, The Stadium Consultancy has been awarded contract for the feasibility study for the new stadium of Cagliari Calcio. Within 5 months time, TSC prepared the project plan, programme of requirements, financial model, and finally the concept design for the new stadium. The design has been presented on 18 December 2015 to a wide audience.

With the new stadium, Cagliari Calcio aims to become a successful Serie A club again. The design includes a 21,000 seater state-of-the-art stadium with modern hospitality facilities and commercial development around the stadium building. This will optimize the matchday revenues as well as the use of the building on non-matchdays. The stadium design will ensure maximum safety & security and compelling experience for all spectators.

The new stadium will be located on the same site as the current Stadio Sant'Elia. The demolition of the old stadium has already started earlier this year. The stadium was outdated, lacked modern hospitality facilities and did not meet international safety requirements for modern stadiums. Temporary stands were placed on the athletics track around the pitch to improve the sightlines of the original terraces.

The video below shows you around the new stadium design of Cagliair Calcio.


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