The Stadium Consultancy


The Stadium Consultancy is the perfect partner to help you maximise income from your venue. You should sweat the asset and maximise the use of the building 24/7, 365 days a year. No stadium is able to generate sufficient income just by hosting 20 to 30 events a year. The use of the building for other event types on a daily basis is crucial to developing a profitable venue.

Increased use leads to a jump in unique visitors, greater spend and ultimately increased commercial value of your venue to potential partners and sponsors.

A one-size-fits-all strategy does not work so we develop tailor-made solutions, taking into account amongst others location and catchment area of the stadium, (proposed) tenants and users, market and competition conditions and socio-economic factors.

Business Planning The basis for the commercialisation of a venue is a bespoke business plan. Based on our longstanding experience in the stadium and arena industry, TSC can help you in drafting a detailed business plan. This will consist of, inter alia, mission statement and strategic positioning, market and SWOT analysis, operational vision and organisational blueprint, event profile and projected other uses of the venue, marketing & sales plan, operational income analysis, operational expenditure analysis, income and cash flow statements, risk and sensitivity analyses.

Stadium rights and sponsorships TSC assists in establishing the venue-related sponsorship pyramid. Building and operations related sponsoring is an essential revenue generator for every stadium and arena and should be seen as additional (but not in isolation) to the sponsorship pyramid of the anchor team. Any venue offers excellent sponsoring opportunities, varying from naming rights on top of the pyramid, via exclusive supply and pouring rights, to preferred suppliers and partners.

Segmentation and yield management By breaking down spectator groups into various segments and by developing tailor-made propositions for each of them, the income (yield) per segment as well as the overall income can be optimised. TSC can assist you in defining the various segments and the corresponding offering in terms of seating location, comfort, lounge or concourse access, services levels and catering propositions. Further segmentation and yield optimisation can be achieved to differentiate with all-inclusive packages. As segmentation is a dynamic process over time, with always-evolving consumer behaviour, this calls for specific requirements concerning the flexibility of the building to be able to adapt to meet these shifting demands.

Ticketing and loyalty strategies TSC can assist by developing direct sales, online and cross-selling ticket sales programs in collaboration with your partners and/or the community.

Event programming and overlays The organisation of events often requires significant reconfiguration of your venue as a result of, for example, the construction of a stage, allowing access to the pitch area for a large number of visitors and the need for temporary facilities for media, catering and hospitality. TSC’s experts have a wealth of experience in the organisation of a wide range of events from European finals to concerts and corporate events. We can help you in planning the event and designing and implementing overlay requirements, with the aim of ensuring the safety of all visitors, maximising their comfort and experience and maximising event income. We can optimise the conversion processes from one event setting to another to allow maximum use of the period available for events. Finally, we can guide you in the creative process to understand the wealth of possibilities you have at your disposal, to organise small and large events in your stadium or arena to grow revenue streams.