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The Stadium Consultancy is also available to support you in the management of your venue. Key to our approach is the nature of the services delivered and our intention to transfer our management skills, technology and know-how so that our clients are then capable of managing their venues without continuous external support.

Services we focus on include:

  1. Recruitment. TSC can assist you in drafting job descriptions and in the selection and interview process of candidates;
  2. Pre-opening services to build the operator organisation in preparation for the inaugural event. This includes the organisation of test events to test the facility but also operator staff;
  3. Event management support during the inaugural event to support operator staff in key positions;
  4. Training of senior operator staff in all aspects of modern-day stadium management;
  5. On-the-job training programmes and peer reviews by our experts;
  6. Join the stadium manager programmes, where senior managers of the operating company join their peers during the organisation of an event in some of Europe’s leading sports venues;
  7. Safety officer and steward training programmes;
  8. Interim management services for executive-level positions.

Our training programmes are delivered in close collaboration with the Event and Venue Management Institute (

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