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We will lead the project from start to finish on your behalf. We will build the project plan on which we will deliver the project. Importantly, we will coordinate all stakeholders and project members.

We will do so by applying a proven structured project management methodology, commonly used in complex building projects. This methodology is characterised by three elements:

  • Phasing the project into separate and distinguishable stages;
  • Deciding at the end of each phase how to start the next stage, based on standard and clear decision documents;
  • Managing on the key aspects: Time (planning), Money (budget), Quality (performance), Information (internal and external) and Organisation (stakeholders).

Applying such a structured methodology ensures that your stadium project will meet its performance objectives (safe, profitable, sustainable and compelling) and at the same time will be realised within deadline and within budget. All stakeholders will be kept informed at every step and decision-making will be fully transparent.

It is vital to get the project on the right track from the outset to allow for a smooth process. We believe that stadium projects fail at the beginning rather than at the end.

Services delivered by The Stadium Consultancy as part of project management include:

ProCESS management services Leading and managing the project from initial idea through commissioning the stadium as your dedicated process managers.

Acting as client representative We represent the client in the project team, ensuring that their objectives and requirements are being met. We liaise on behalf of the client with the project team and represent the client in official progress meetings. We analyse and review proposals by the project team and advise the client on their impact on budget, planning and quality of the project.

Design management services In a procurement process, we manage the design consultant team and the entire design process. This starts from basis of design through concept, schematic and detailed design to construction documentation and ensuring the final concept delivered fully meets the client’s brief and objectives.

Project monitoring If you are not the project client but still an important stakeholder (e.g. financier, regulatory body), we can monitor time, budget or quality of the project on your behalf. Detailed risks assessments will provide insight into possible challenges affecting the overall delivery of the project - and also the ones specifically affecting you.

Procurement and tendering TSC can assist you in procurement and tendering of stadium equipment and systems, such as the grass pitch, seating, HD CCTV systems, LED panels and PA and entertainment systems. We are in contact with a large database of suppliers of these specialist systems and will select the best value-for-money product and solution, supported by reviews and recommendations from other stadium operators.

Commissioning services We can carry out the commissioning of the stadium verifying whether the venue and all systems are compliant with FIFA or UEFA requirements as well as international safety standards (Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds). This includes the testing of all life-safety systems at full load and the organisation of occupancy tests prior to the official opening.

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