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The Stadium Consultancy offers a full range of services for the development of new stadiums and arenas or the redevelopment of existing facilities.

Feasibility analysis TSC can conduct a full technical and financial feasibility study for your stadium project. We have developed proprietary financial models for the stadium industry, which generate income and cash flow statements and which will enable carrying out extensive risk and sensitivity analysis. Through a combination of project specific research using our extensive database comprising benchmarks and key financial data of stadiums of various sizes, such as construction costs, maintenance and operations costs, we will make a realistic estimate of operational income and expenditure.

Site analysis The selection of the right stadium site is key to the success of the project. The location will determine not only how the various user groups will be able to access the stadium for different events, but also how attractive the venue is on non-event days and its potential to generate income 24/7. TSC can carry out a detailed site comparison, assessing the potential sites across various criteria, such as accessibility by public and private transport, commercial attractiveness, land costs, distances to airport, hotels and city centre, topographical and geotechnical aspects.

Functional, spatial and technical programming Preparation of a detailed client brief or programme of requirements is the foundation of the venue development. TSC can draft a detailed programme of requirements, which nails down all functional, spatial and technical aspects of the venue. It also describes the required performance of the building according to the business plan and how it will meet the owner’s objectives. The programme includes the multifunctional use of the venue (e.g. football, concerts, exhibitions, corporate events etc.) and outlines the way the various user groups will use the building.

Concept design This is the visualisation of the functional and spatial relations according to the programme of requirements in floor plans and cross-sections of the stadium. Prior to introducing the architectural design, TSC can prepare the concept design of the venue to ensure the highest standards in viewing, comfort, safety and security are being met. This not only includes all requirements demanded by sports governing bodies such as FIFA, UEFA, the IOC and IAAF but also all commercial and operational requirements to maximise the venue’s revenue-generating capabilities.

Concept Master Plan The relationship with and connection between the stadium or arena and its surroundings is vital to the long-term success of the overall development. The venue can be the catalyst for the transformation or regeneration of an area. At TSC we understand from experience how the venue can positively influence the functions around it and vice versa. But we are also aware of operational limitations, for example created by crowd dynamics, event overlays or legal constraints due to the clean stadium principle demanded by some sports bodies such as FIFA, UEFA and the IOC. TSC can prepare the concept masterplan to optimise the synergy between the various functions, taking into account operational restrictions, and maximising the sharing of infrastructure such as parking.

Design review and technical audits TSC has the expertise to carry out a range of reviews and technical audits, such as compliance checks - to meet, for example, FIFA, UEFA, IAAF or IOC requirements, accessibility analyses, safety & security audits and stadium operations reviews. With their experience in stadium and event operations, our consultants understand what works in practice or not, and can read between the lines of the formal requirements. Improvements in solutions for routing, queuing, concessions and toilet design, segregation and emergency situations are part of what we do.

Value Engineering At The Stadium Consultancy we firmly believe in a lifecycle management approach when it comes to venue development, offsetting initial investment costs against future operational income and expenditure. This philosophy is also applied in our value engineering services. Rather than simply seeking to reduce the initial investment costs (CAPEX) of the project, we look to reduce the overall lifecycle costs as well as increasing the function-costs ratio to deliver added value (greater functionality, more operational income and/ or less operational expenditure) for the same investment costs. On a spatial level we always try to build in as much flexibility as possible so that spaces such as rooms, lounges, suites and corporate entertaining areas can be used multifunctionally on event and non-event days. The earlier the value engineering process starts, the more potential value (saving of lifecycle costs or better value for money) can be realised.

Specialist Technical Advice and Support During the development process TSC can offer technical advice and support to the client or project team in a wide range of areas including: safety & security, dynamic crowd flow modelling, crowd management, ticketing, accessibility & inclusive design, hospitality & catering, facility management, operations & maintenance, event programming & management, sponsorships & commercial rights, broadcast & media, pitch design & management and sustainability.

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