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A state-of-the-art stadium requires capable and effective management, focusing on efficient and sustainable operations. We believe sustainability, safety, profitability and compelling visitor experiences are the key objectives. TSC offers a range of services to help you accomplish these goals.

Safety management assessments The Stadium Consultancy can carry out extensive assessments of your safety management organisation. These so-called S-factor assessments include an analysis of the spectator safety policy and its implementation, the capabilities and performance of the safety officer and other senior safety staff, the existence of tested contingency and emergency plans and the quality of the stewarding organisation.

Sustainability audits To verify and/or further professionalise the corporate and social responsibility policy of the stadium, TSC conducts comprehensive sustainability audits. They focus on all aspects of sustainability management: the social, environmental and economic impact of the stadium. Our audits focus on the building and organisation alike and cover areas such as: waste management (recycling), energy use, community engagement, transport management, accessibility, lifestyle & health promotion, procurement and budget.

Operations & management audits We also execute comprehensive operations & management audits with the aim of identifying areas to further improve operations and make the stadium more efficient. These audits include all aspects of venue management, such as: (non-exhaustive) facility management, media operations, hospitality and catering, etc.

Operations plans and handbooks For new-build stadiums and arenas TSC can deliver a full and comprehensive set of stadium operations plans and handbooks. These are always tailor-made, based on the specific stadium design, local situation, culture & practices and constraints of the stadium building and operator organisation.

Lifecycle management plans TSC prepares detailed lifecycle management plans, paired with a 20 to 30-year projection of all maintenance and replacement costs. This is based on the technical and/or economic lifecycle of the various building and equipment items. By applying an indexation factor the required annual contribution to a sinking fund can be determined to cover for the investments over the entire lifespan or the annual maintenance costs, using an S-curve.

Safety & security plans (including. contingency & emergency planning) The safety and security of all athletes, officials and spectators is the No.1 priority in venue operations. To this end it is vital that the venue operator has a full set of international-standard safety and security plans in place, including extensive contingency and emergency plans, which should be tested on a regular basis. TSC assists in drafting these plans, starting with creating the spectator safety policy, defining the job profiles, roles and responsibilities of all safety staff, preparing the stewarding handbook and training manuals, and developing all contingency and emergency plans. TSC can also be of help in testing the contingency and emergency plans. To test all possible scenarios and contingencies, we use state-of-the-art dynamic crowd modelling software.

Specialist advice TSC provides expert advice to improve your operations in several areas:
- Safety & security;
- Crowd flow modelling and management;
- Ticketing;
- Accessibility & inclusive design;
- Hospitality & catering;
- Facility management;
- Operations & maintenance;
- Event programming & management;
- Sponsorships and commercial rights;
- Broadcast & media;
- Pitch design & management;
- Sustainability.

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