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Our Offices are based in the former ‘Weeshuiskazerne’ in the historic City of Naarden. Naarden is one of Europe’s best preserved citadels or star forts, with fortified walls and a moat. Naarden was granted city rights in 1300 AD.

The history of the former ‘Weeshuiskazerne’ dates back to1440, when the Mariaconvent was erected, a convent for nuns. In 1579, the building became an orphanage and Latin school.








During the occupation of Naarden in 1809, the French garrison confiscated the building and converted it into army barracks. After the surrender of Napoleon in 1814, the damaged complex was transferred to the City of Naarden to be used as barracks. Due to excessive maintenance costs the City sold the barracks to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in 1845. The building was used for boarding of the soldiers and during certain periods, temporarily, as a jail for prisoners of war, such as in 1831 when Belgian prisoners of war were locked up.

After decades of poor maintenance and deterioration of the building, its capacity was increased in the years prior to the second World War (1935 – 1939). During WWII, German troops used the building. Shortly after the war, the building was used as a prisoncamp for political prisoners.

The building continued to be in use as army barracks until late 1986. The entire complex was renovated thoroughly from 1991 – 1994 and converted into apartments and office units. The old church contains the mausoleum and museum of Comenius.

Since April 2013, The Stadium Consultancy offices are based in the ‘Weeshuiskazerne’.

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