L.R. Vicenza is an Italian football club from the city of Vicenza, which plays in the Serie B league. Vicenza play their home matches in the Stadio Romeo Menti, which opened its doors in 1935. Over the years, the stadium was renovated several times. During the last renovations, the stadium capacity was reduced to approximately 12,000 seats, in order to meet modern safety standards.

The stadium is one of the few football-only stadiums in Italy. The spectators have a great view on the field of play due to the proximity to the pitch and rake of the tiers. However, the stadium lacks a roof cover over all stands, it has insufficient public welfare and hospitality facilities and the comfort and fan experience in general could be improved. To modernise the stadium facilities, enhance the fan experience and improve matchday income, Vicenza has expressed their ambition to redevelop the Stadio Romeo Menti.

To this end, The Stadium Consultancy prepared an initial pre-feasibility in 2017, addressing the various (re)development options for the stadium. This study was updated in 2021, after a change of ownership of the Club. Subsequently, The Stadium Consultancy further developed the preferred redevelopment scenario, in close collaboration with the Instituto per il Credito Sportivo and a multidisciplinary consultancy team. This scenario consists of the construction of a new main stand, refurbishment of the three existing stands, the construction of a roof covering all seats as well as the addition of a mixed-use commercial program to the stadium.

In May 2021, The Stadium Consultancy presented the Business Case, Employers’ Requirements and the Concept Design for the project to the management of the Club.

TSC is responsible for preparing:

  • the overall project plan;
  • the financial feasibility study;
  • the programme of requirements (employers’ requirements);
  • the concept design for the stadium and enabling development;
  • the site masterplan.

Project details

L.R. Vicenza

Vicenza, Italy

2015 – ongoing

Stadium capacity

Resident club
L.R. Vicenza

Project type
Project Management, Planning & Development

Project feasibility, Employers’ Requirements, Concept Design, Master Plan