The Stadium Consultancy has been contracted to support Dutch ice hockey giants Tilburg Trappers in the redevelopment and expansion of the IJssportcentrum Tilburg to a 4,000 seat capacity arena.

Since the team plays in the German league, the demand for seats and modern facilities for both players and spectators increased rapidly. In order to comply with the requirements of top leagues in Germany, the arena should be upgraded on several aspects, such as capacity, hospitality, players’ facilities and training facilities.

The Stadium Consultancy is responsible for preparing the initial feasibility study, including a financial model for the three different development options for the arena.

Project details

Tilburg Trappers

Tilburg, The Netherlands

2017 – ongoing

Stadium capacity

Resident club
Tilburg Trappers

Project type
Planning & Development, Operations & Management

Project Feasibility, Employers’ Requirements

The Stadium ConsultancyTILBURG TRAPPERS