Redevelopment of sports parks in Enschede approved by City Council

on 26/10/2021

On 25 October, the City Council of Enschede has approved the feasibility study for the redevelopment of multiple recreational sports parks with the aim to create future-proof sports facilities with viable sports clubs.

As part of the study, The Stadium Consultancy developed a masterplan to ‘cluster’ sports parks in Enschede. Several sports parks in the city are not fully occupied, which leads to inefficient use of budgets or even decay of the parks. By relocating sports clubs to 5 or 6 designated larger sports parks, the municipality is able to invest in specific future-proof sports facilities. The higher level of collaboration between the clubs on these parks, together with the modern sports facilities will eventually increase the viability of the sports clubs.  Furthermore, the municipality will be able to redevelop the empty plots of land for other purposes.

The approval of the plans by the City Council clears the way for two projects:

  • the redevelopment of the East side of Sports Campus Diekman for 7-8 clubs, and
  • the development of a new multifunctional sports accommodation (MFSA) in the South of Enschede for 3-4 clubs.

The Stadium Consultancy is the project leader on behalf of the Municipality of Enschede for the overall clustering project as well as for these two individual projects at Diekman-East and in Enschede-South. The next step for the new multifunctional sports accommodation in Enschede-South is to prepare the Programme of Requirements before starting the design stage. The redevelopment of Diekman-East is already ongoing.

Robert SchramaRedevelopment of sports parks in Enschede approved by City Council