New Masterplan for the 80-acre Sports Campus Diekman

on 16/05/2020

Sportaal, the privatized sports company for sports facilities in Enschede (the Netherlands), has developed an integral vision for the redevelopment of Sports Park Diekman into a modern sports campus. The Stadium Consultancy has been appointed to develop a masterplan for this 80-acre multifunctional sports park, which shall reflect the Clients’ vision and which will be socially, technically and financially feasible. TSC teamed up with the Athletic Skills Model (ASM) to identify how to include the public spaces in and around the campus in the masterplan.

The sports campus has a total of 15 football pitches as well as several other outdoor and indoor facilities for sports and leisure, healthcare and education. The vision of Sportaal and the municipality of Enschede is to develop a modern sports campus, which is future proof and takes into account the latest trends and developments in sports and leisure. The facilities should focus on bringing together sports, education and healthcare with talent development, in which sports health care and education play an important part. Several stakeholders in each of these fields have been included in the process.

The Stadium Consultancy has prepared multiple scenarios for the redevelopment of Sports Campus Diekman, of which one has been selected by the municipality. In the next stage, The Stadium Consultancy will further elaborate this masterplan by preparing an overall programme of requirements and financial feasibility analysis.

Robert SchramaNew Masterplan for the 80-acre Sports Campus Diekman