Periodic maintenance for 10 sports halls in Amsterdam

on 16/05/2020

The Stadium Consultancy has been appointed by the Municipality of Amsterdam as project manager for the tendering and the supervision of the execution of maintenance works for ten of their sports halls.

Amsterdam has a large number of indoor sports facilities, most of which are owned by the municipality. These sports halls are used for both recreational sports and gym classes. In 2020, several periodic maintenance activities are scheduled, such as the installation of new regular and sports floors, new indoor sports lighting, new toilet and kitchen facilities as well as LED lighting in the supporting rooms and areas. Since most sports halls are not in use during the Summer due to school holidays, the majority of the activities has to be executed in July and August this year.

The Stadium Consultancy is responsible for preparing the Programmes of Requirements and specifications for each maintenance category, evaluating bids as part of the tendering processes and coordination of the execution of the various maintenance works.

Robert SchramaPeriodic maintenance for 10 sports halls in Amsterdam