Stadium redevelopment plans of Excelsior Rotterdam presented to the city council

on 16/06/2020

Dutch First Division club Excelsior Rotterdam continues to roll out their plans for expanding the Van Donge & De Roo Stadium, despite the current pandemic and the accompanying economic challenges. On May 20th this year, the club has presented their plans for the redevelopment of their stadium to the City Council of Rotterdam. The Stadium Consultancy provided stadium specialist advice for the masterplan and design of the stadium.

Development plans
For some time, Excelsior has been discussing the redevelopment of their stadium with the municipality and other stakeholders. After an initial spatial study and concept masterplan, this resulted in the current development plans, in which two scenarios have been analysed: a new stadium and redevelopment of the current stadium. Based on the expected higher public support, the flexibility and possibilities of phasing as well as the lower investment costs, the redevelopment scenario was selected the preferred option.

Part of the city
With these stadium plans, Excelsior does not only aim to contribute to the local pride in the City of Rotterdam by showing good football, but also by becoming even more part of the city by focussing on a multifunctional development in which housing, sports and exercise, leisure and health come together. The future stadium development symbolises the way Excelsior is presenting itself in the surrounding neighbourhoods as well as the entire society of Rotterdam: socially involved & committed and focussed on (top-level) sports and experience.

One of the most important goals of the presented plans is to generate non-football related income for the club. This will contribute to a future-proof and robust business plan for Excelsior in the decennia to come. The current times show us once more that a business plan should be independent of the ups and downs in football.

Intensive process
The development and next stages of the project are partly depending on investments by private parties and investors, who were already involved in the previous stages of the project and who have responded positively on the plans. In the next stage, an intensive process will start, in which a more detailed Programme of Requirement and Concept Design will be prepared. The entire timeline of the phased project will take several years.

Picture © MoederscheimMoonen Architects

Robert SchramaStadium redevelopment plans of Excelsior Rotterdam presented to the city council