Grolsch Veste

The Stadium Consultancy was appointed the specialist consultant for the planning and redevelopment of the old Arke Stadium, home of Dutch Premier League Club FC Twente.

The ambition was to increase the capacity of the old stadium in 2 phases from 13,500 to 30,000 seats. Upon completion the stadium was renamed Grolsch Veste.

The Stadium Consultancy was responsible for:

  • preparing the overall project plan for the redevelopment of the stadium;
  • preparing the feasibility study and business plan for the redevelopment;
  • drafting the programme of requirements (employers’ requirements);
  • preparing the concept design for extending the capacity of the stadium in 2 stages by adding a second tier (U-shaped);
  • acting as client representative during the reconstruction, reporting directly to the board of the club;
  • participating in all D&B project team meetings on behalf of the club.

Project details

FC Twente ’65

Enschede, The Netherlands

2007 – 2012

Stadium capacity

Resident club
FC Twente ’65

Project type
Project Management, Planning & Development

Feasibility Study, Employers’ Requirements, Business Plan, Concept Design, Client Representative, Commissioning

The Stadium ConsultancyGROLSCH VESTE